To Burn Fat Faster, Stay Energized, & Feel Fuller All Day, You MUST Eat Enough Protein.

Problem is: NOT all proteins are created equal, so here's what I do...

Shin Ohtake without a shirt
Shin Ohtake without a shirt
Shin Ohtake without a shirt


Shin Ohtake

Hey, it’s Shin Ohtake from Max Workouts!

And if you’re anything like me, you’re doing everything you can to recover from your workouts fast and take care of your body.

You’re working out hard, you’re eating right, and you’re trying to give your body exactly what it needs so you can burn fat, add muscle, and get stronger!

That’s why want to share with you what I think is the most important nutrient you need to…

Burn more fat and calories 24/7

Burn more fat and calories 24/7

Add lean muscle and tone everywhere

And get stronger, faster!

That Nutrient is: The High-Quality Protein Your Body Needs to Recover Fast, Get Strong, and Burn More Fat!

If you want to get results quickly and consistently, you need to make sure you’re getting enough protein!

Protein is an essential building block of muscle.

And eating more protein can help your metabolism burn more calories around the clock.

Protein can help you feel fuller longer, satisfying your appetitive and preventing hunger cravings.

That means getting more protein should be your #1 priority if you want RESULTS. That said…

Protein molecules
Protein molecules
Protein molecules

There Are Two BIG Problems When it Comes to Protein…

Susan Ohtake lifting dumbbells
Susan Ohtake lifting dumbbells
Susan Ohtake lifting dumbbells

Protein Problem #1

It’s Hard to Get Enough!

In order to recover fast from your workout efforts and boost fat burning, your body needs a lot of protein.

And I mean A LOT.

It’s hard to get enough!

If you’re following my Lean Body Diet nutrition guide that comes with my popular Max Workouts 90-Day Program, you’ll know that I suggest getting as much as 40% of your daily calories from protein!

For some of us that could mean 200+ grams of protein or more per day!

Just for reference, you’d have to eat 34 eggs to get 200+ grams of protein! And eggs are packed with protein.

But, if you want to get the best results from your workouts and burn more fat around the clock, you have to get enough protein!

So, it’s a good idea to have a protein supplement available that you like (because you’ll need it!).


Protein Problem #2

NOT All Protein is the Same!

This might come as a surprise, but NOT all protein is created equal!

Specifically: Not all protein supplements are the same!

If you’re going to take a protein supplement, you’ll want to make sure it is a “complete” protein with a full amino acid profile.

“Complete” means it has all 9 essential amino acids that your body needs to If you go to the store and look for a supplement, you’ll mostly find

Whey protein IS a complete protein - it has all the essential amino acids your body needs to help you recover fast, build lean muscle, and support your metabolism.

Sometimes, you’ll find plant-based protein, too.

Now, I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, but…

Shin Ohtake and Susan Ohtake
Shin Ohtake and Susan Ohtake
Shin Ohtake and Susan Ohtake

Plant-Based Protein Is MUCH Easier On Your Stomach

a drawing of a human body with the stomach area highlighted
a drawing of a human body with the stomach area highlighted
a drawing of a human body with the stomach area highlighted

Plant-based proteins are a lot easier to digest. 

Whey protein is an animal product, so it has a complete amino acid profile, but it’s also made from cow milk.

The lactose in milk (it’s a type of sugar) can be difficult for a lot of people to digest and it can be especially hard on your gut. 

Eating enough whey protein to get the amount of protein you need every day to fuel recovery and keep your metabolism strong might result in bloating, gas, and an upset stomach.

That’s why I prefer plant-based proteins! They’re easier to digest! 

‍But the PROBLEM with Most Plant-Based Proteins Is:

Not all of them are COMPLETE proteins with the amino acid profile your body needs to recover, build muscle, and burn fat!

Most plant-based proteins don’t contain the right blend of ingredients!

Most plant-based proteins are NOT from high-quality sources!A lot of them have large amounts of soy protein (or are entirely soy protein).

Soy is not very gut friendly–it doesn’t digest easily.

amino acid profile
amino acid profile
amino acid profile

It’s Hard to Find the Right Type of Plant-Based Protein that Can Fuel Recovery, Results, and Fat Burning!

Shin and Susan Ohtake doing single leg deadlift rows
Shin and Susan Ohtake doing single leg deadlift rows
Shin and Susan Ohtake doing single leg deadlift rows

If you look at the labels of the plant-based proteins in the store, you’ll find that very few of them contain more than one type of plant.

Some are just pea protein.

Others are brown rice protein.

Others are just soy protein.

The fact is: To get a complete amino acid profile in your protein (a “complete” protein!) you usually have to have more than one type of plant in the protein.

If a protein is “incomplete,” it doesn’t have all the amino acids that your muscles and metabolism need.

Because I don’t like soy protein, I look for 4 specific types of ingredients (and 4 different types of protein).

The 4 Most Important Ingredients in a Plant-Based Protein Supplement:


MORE than One Type of Protein

To get a complete amino acid profile, I like to blend together 4 different types of protein:

  • Pea Protein

  • Brown Rice Protein

  • Pumpkin Seed Protein

  • Quinoa Protein

If I’m at the store buying protein powder, I like to look for at least 3 of these types of protein powders (pumpkin seed can be hard to find) and blend them together. Sometimes you CAN find them in a blend, but they get expensive!

The reason I like to blend these four proteins is because, together, they give you a complete amino acid profile and they contain high levels of free-radical fighting antioxidants that can help support a healthy immune system and improve workout recovery.


Fermented Plant Protein

I suggest making sure the plant protein you eat is fermented. Fermentation is a process where good bacteria are used to break down sugars, carbs, and proteins.

This reduces carbs in plant proteins, so you get more protein and less carbs!

Fermentation can also reduce levels of compounds in plant proteins that can slow down digestion enzymes. Plant proteins can often cause bloating and discomfort when they’re unfermented. Fermentation makes plant proteins easier for your body to digest.

This can improve bioavailability, which means it makes it easier for your body to absorb and use!

Many plant proteins are widely available in non-fermented varieties….it’s much more difficult to find protein powders that use the fermented types of brown rice and pea protein.


Sprouted Plant Proteins

Plant proteins can be “sprouted” or “unsprouted.”

‍If a protein is “sprouted,” the plant has gone through the germination process and it’s started to sprout and go from being a seed to a plant.

‍Unsprouted protein has not gone through this process yet. It’s still a seed.

‍The difference is in the type of nutrients available.

‍Sprouted proteins like the quinoa and pumpkin seed sprouts increase the levels of nutrients like folate, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, vitamin C and vitamin K. Sprouted seeds are also higher in protein than the unsprouted varieties.

‍Sprouting also reduces levels of antinutrients. These are plant compounds that reduce your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients. Because the sprouting process reduces these antinutrients, your body can more easily absorb the nutrients in sprouted proteins.


Organic and High Quality

I’m VERY specific about what I will and will not put into my body.

‍I want to know:

  • What it’s made of.

  • Where it’s made.

  • How it’s made.

And I want to make sure that it’s high quality, organic, and free from GMOs.

The supplement industry is SKETCHY and purity is a big issue.

Recent studies have shown that what many companies say is in their supplements is NOT ACTUALLY WHAT’S IN THE SUPPLEMENT AT ALL!

So, when I look for supplements, I’m really being picky about what I’m looking for and I want to know that they’re made by a company that I trust.

That’s getting harder and harder to do as more supplements are popping up!

It’s Difficult to Find a High-Quality Plant Protein that Meets My Standards…So I Decided to Make My Own!


Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein

Give Your Body the Nutrients it Needs to Get Lean, Tone Up Fast, and Recover from Workouts!

Containers of Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein
Containers of Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein
Containers of Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein

THE PROTEIN YOUR BODY NEEDS! Now it’s easier than ever to give your muscles and metabolism the protein needed to fuel recovery, get strong, and blast through fat all day long!

I’ve always had a hard time finding a plant-based protein that I actually enjoyed AND that actually worked for me! So, I went out and contacted manufacturers and had my own plant-based protein made, just to my specifications.

Max Workout Plant-Based Protein is a blend of 4 of my favorite plant-based proteins. There’s NO SOY, NO DAIRY, just tasty sprouted and fermented plant-proteins that are easy for your body to digest and absorb.

All Natural, Non-GMO

I like to know exactly what’s going into my body. If I can’t pronounce it, I’m not eating it!

Sprouted & Fermented

Sprouting and fermenting plant proteins improves absorption so you can get more of the nutrients from the protein you eat!

Easy to Digest

Not all plant-based proteins are easy on your digestive system. This combo of 4 plant-based proteins is easy on your stomach and won’t cause gas or bloating.

25g of Protein

Get 25g of protein in every serving! That’s a lot compared to other brands of plant-based protein powders.


Soy protein can cause bloating and other gut issues, so I avoid it. Most plant-based proteins are made with soy because it’s cheaper and easier to make. Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein is soy-free!

Tastes Great!

No chalky or gritty feeling in your mouth and it tastes great! I’ve searched high and low for a protein powder I actually WANT to drink! This one is it!

Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein Has Everything You Should Look for In a Protein Powder

100% Plant-Based

Plant-based and made from real, whole foods! Who wants a protein packed with contaminants or weird ingredients? The supplement industry is so poorly regulated it’s really a guessing game with what you actually get. That's why it's important to only buy lab-tested supplements.

Complete Amino Acid Profile

Protein is pointless unless it has a complete amino acid profile. What does that mean? "Complete" means it has all nine of the essential amino acids our bodies can only get from protein. Remember, not all protein has a complete amino acid profile!

No Soy and No Dairy

I don't eat soy unless it's fermented (and it's near impossible to find a fermented soy protein powder that's palatable). But soy is also not the most gut-friendly protein. Same goes for whey. Feeling bloated is no way to start your day, so soy and dairy are both no-go for me!

Organic and Non-GMO

If you’re anything like me, you want to know WHERE your protein comes from! I’m picky about what I put in my body, so when I set out to create a protein powder, I made sure all the ingredients were natural and organic. No cheap, low-quality ingredients or fillers here!

Fermented Protein

Fermentation is a game changer for plant-based proteins because it allows our bodies to absorb more of the protein and nutrients from the plant. Fermented plant protein can also help eliminate bloating. Fermented proteins are difficult to find on store shelves because fermentation adds an additional step (and cost) to the manufacturing process.

Sprouted Protein

Studies show that sprouted plant proteins are higher in amino acids and sprouting improves the bioavailability of nutrients in plants. Trouble is: Sprouting is expensive (because it takes longer) so most protein manufacturers don’t use sprouted proteins.

Max Workouts Supplement Facts label
Max Workouts Supplement Facts label
Max Workouts Supplement Facts label

One Flavor. Endless Possibilities.

Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein comes in one flavor: Vanilla. 

The reason I’ve decided to stick to a single flavor is simple:

Making just one flavor in small batches is the best way to ensure that Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein is the highest quality protein possible!

The vanilla flavor used in Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein is all-natural. There’s no added sugar at all. 

If you like other flavors, you CAN change the flavor!

Enjoy chocolate?

Simply add a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder and you have chocolate! (and you know EXACTLY what went into flavoring your protein!

My protein comes as ONE FLAVOR because I want to know exactly what’s in it!

And when it comes to flavors, vanilla is a nice, neutral flavor that can be turned into just about anything! (plus, there’s no added sugar, sweetener, or artificial flavoring!)

Four Different Proteins. One All-Natural Formula.



Fermented Pea Protein

Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein is made from a blend of four different plant proteins. The first is fermented pea proteinPea Protein has a complete amino acid profile – so it has all 9 of the amino acids your body can only get from protein. Fermentation helps reduce the number of compounds in pea protein that our bodies can’t digest.That means it’s super easy to digest and doesn’t contribute to bloating like soy protein. Pea protein is also really good at making you feel full. Researchers have found that Pea Protein can actually help you feel fuller throughout the day than protein from eggs or whey!


Sprouted Pumpkin Seed Protein

Pumpkin seeds are super nutritious! They are loaded with magnesium, zinc, iron and antioxidant plant compounds that our bodies need to reduce oxidative stress, lower inflammation and recover! Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, pumpkin seed protein is perfect after a hard workout!It’s not a complete protein on its own, which is why Max Workouts Plant-Based Proteinhas 3 other proteins too. It’s important to have a complete amino acid profile in your protein so that your muscles can properly recover.

punpkin seeds
punpkin seeds
punpkin seeds
brown rice
brown rice
brown rice


Fermented Brown Rice Protein

Many veggie-based protein powders are made with only brown rice protein. Brown rice protein on its own is not a “complete protein.” It doesn’t have the amino acid profile of a complete protein. That means it DOES NOT have all the components your muscles need to recover and your metabolism needs to burn fat at it’s best. But… Brown rice protein is easier to digest than other types of protein (like whey).


Organic Sprouted Quinoa

Quinoa is a good source of minerals, antioxidants and protein. The quinoa in Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein is sprouted. Sprouting breaks down the compound phytate that’s normally inside of quinoa. Breaking down this compound before you eat quinoa allows your body to take in more nutrients from the food you eat! Sprouted grains like quinoa have more nutrients available for your body to absorb when compared to unsprouted grains.

garlic cloves
garlic cloves
garlic cloves

Max Workouts Protein is NOT Available In Stores!

You won’t  find Max Workouts Plant-Protein in stores -- or even on Amazon!

That’s because it’s made in small batches, with the ingredients I selected, exactly to the specifications of Max Workouts.

To keep costs under control, I order the protein and have it shipped to a fulfillment center myself. Because of the ultra high quality of Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein, trying to distribute to stores or sell on Amazon would be too expensive.

There are other protein powders that have plant-based proteins you can find. By all means, try them! Compare them to Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein and take advantage of my “empty container guarantee!” (details below).

But, before you try another type of plant-based protein, make sure you check the labels!

Compare the number of servings and the grams of protein per serving, and check to make sure it’s made from all-natural ingredients! I think you’ll find that Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein is one of the highest quality, lowest cost options when it comes to all natural plant protein. To keep costs low, it is only available through my website.


Give your body the nutrients it needs to get lean, tone up fast, and recover from workouts.

One container of Max Workouts Plant Based Protein
One container of Max Workouts Plant Based Protein
One container of Max Workouts Plant Based Protein



+$8.99 Shipping
Save 20%

You save 20% off the regular price of $60/container.


Six containers of Max Workouts Plant Based Protein
Six containers of Max Workouts Plant Based Protein
Six containers of Max Workouts Plant Based Protein





FREE Shipping

Save 43%

You save 43% off the regular price of $60/container.

Three containers of Max Workouts Plant Based Protein
Three containers of Max Workouts Plant Based Protein
Three containers of Max Workouts Plant Based Protein





FREE Shipping

Save 30%

You save 30% off the regular price of $60/container.

Free Shipping Worldwide When You Order 3 or More!

I'll pay for shipping when you order 3 or more!

25g Per Serving

25g Per Serving





My 30-Day "I'll Buy It Back" Guarantee

Here’s my promise: If you don’t enjoy Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein as much as I do for ANY reason, I’ll buy the container back from you (yes, EVEN IF IT’S EMPTY!). That’s my 100% money-back guarantee. Just let me know within 30 days of your purchase that you’re not satisfied and I’ll tell you how to send back the container (it can even be empty) for a full refund of your purchase. No questions asked! That means you can get Max Workouts Plant-Based Protein today, try it for the next 20-30 days, and STILL get a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't love it as much as I do, send it back within 30 days and I'll buy it back from you, even if the package is empty!

Fast Shipping Worldwide

Shipping is fast & available worldwide. Plus, it's free when you order 3 or more bags! Your order will be shipped out within one business day.

You're Safe!

Orders are processed securely using TLS/SSL 256-bit encryption -- the same high-level security technology that banks use.

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What Customers Are Saying

Brian Herring

Bend, Oregon

Most plant proteins on the market are chalky, gross, and don't have a complete amino acid profile. Max Workouts plant based protein is the ONLY one I've found that is smooth, tastes great, and has a FULL amino acid profile. It's in a league of its own.

Barbara Finlay

Mississauga, Canada

I highly recommend Max Workouts plant based protein powder. Not chalky and it's easy on your stomach. I have ulcerative colitis and whey protein powders can cause complications; no issues with this one!

Amir Ansari

London, UK

Shin nailed this one! I can't eat whey because it causes gas and bloating. And most plant proteins are low quality (not sprouted or fermented, not organic, etc...) and don't taste good. Max Workouts protein makes getting my daily protein a breeze and the quality is unmatched.

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