Before and after photo of a Max Workouts customer

The result is fascinating. I lost 9 cm in waist and 6 kg in weight in the past 5 weeks.

Hong Kong

I am 50 this year. I have been overweighed most of the time since I was 30.  I tried to keep fit.  I was successful to reach certain measurements in the years 2000, 2009 and 2011 by eating less and doing more exercises.  However the results were not sustainable and the weight bounced back.

When I saw the pictures of the men having 6 packs, I envied them a lot.  One day I accidentally found the book of MAX Workouts on internet.  I found it very sensible.  Then I immediately bought it.  I believed that it might change my life.

After reading the books on MAX Workouts and the Lean Body Diet, I finally understood the importance of weight training and the magic of diet.  I started to reduce intake of carbohydrates and do the weight training and the interval cardio training as per the book MAX Workouts.

For the first one and half months, the progress was almost zero because I was not disciplined enough to follow the workout schedule and diet plan every day.  Furthermore I had two overseas trips which made me difficult to keep the diet and training schedule.

From July 2, I really focused on the workout schedule and diet plan.  The result is fascinating.  I lost 9 cm in waist and 6 kg in weight in the past 5 weeks.

I choose to continue this 6-day-a-week workout schedule and the diet plan for the rest of my life.  I believe that my fitness level can be improved and maintained only when I have a healthy lifestyle which incorporated correct diet plan and workout plan.

My measurements before and after (in cm and kg):

                    May 15, 2013                     August 11, 2013

Chest:           99 cm                                  97 cm

Waist:            91 cm                                 82 cm

Hip:               98 cm                                  94 cm

Thigh:            57 cm                                  54 cm

Arm:              31 cm                                  30 cm

Weight:         73.5 kg                                 67.5 kg

Legal Disclaimer: Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve similar results.

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