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After going through this transformation, watching my body not only lose weight, but getting tight and toned, I can’t wait until I get the chance to rock my bikini at the beach!

Manassas, VA

I have always been an active person.  Never had to workout or watch what I ate.  I played soccer, did mini triathlons, half marathon, coached and had a job that I was physically active for 12 hour days. Then, I had changes in my life.  Changed jobs to where I sit at a desk now, no longer coach and had surgery on my foot causing me not to be able to play soccer or run on a regular basis.  The weight started slowly coming on but I would always say that it was fine "I am fat and happy."  I ate and drank whatever I wanted so I thought it was not too bad that I put on a few pounds.  Those few pounds turned into 30 pounds or more over weight!!!

My two daughters ran cross country and track in high school and now are running for their colleges.  They live a very active life and I realized I had to do something to be able to stay active with them.  I knew that I did not have the time, commitment, or ability to go back to long runs.  This is when I came across MAX Workouts.  I was very excited to read and see people who lost weight and inches with this program.  I thought what do I have to loose?

I love the MAX Workouts! It allows me to get a great workout in, in a short amount of time.  It is a wonderful full body workout so it is not as much stress on my foot.  I love that there is always a substitute exercise to fit your personal needs and most important I did not have to think about what I was going to do for a workout everyday.  This program told you day by day what your workout was and varied it so you never got bored and more important your body never got used to the same routine.  I had never did weight training and I love it.  I could barely do a regular push up and started at 5 pound dumbbells and I am now up to 15-20 pound dumbbells and able to do several push ups! 

I had to change my "eat anything" idea to cutting back on my carbs and increasing my protein.  I love my veggies so that was easy but cutting back on the carbs were very hard for me. The increase in protein made all the difference.  I never felt hungry because the protein made me feel full.  I do not have a sweet tooth but definitely a salt-a-holic!  I now see that by switching to more protein away  from carbs of crackers, bread and refined carbs I am more satisfied and feel so much better.  

With MAX Workouts I was able to drop inches and lose weight. I started MAX Workouts on February 11, 2013, and ended my 90 day workout May 6, 2013.  It is a great feeling that not only can I tell the difference but people around me have noticed the change in my weight!  I lost 16 pounds and inches of my body!  I more toned then I have been in a long time. I will definitely continue with MAX Workouts to get to my goal weight and size.

Date:           February 11, 2013           May 6, 2013

Weight:        151 lb                             135 lb

Waist:          38.5 inches                     34.75 inches

Hips:            40.0 inches                     37.5 inches

Thigh:           24.0 inches                    22.5 inches

Arm:             11.75 inches                   11.0 inches

Chest:          38.5 inches                      36.5 inches  

Legal Disclaimer: Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve similar results.

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