Before and after photo of a Max Workouts customer

I am not sluggish in the afternoon any more. I sleep great at night. And I conquered the plateau that I thought I could never get over.

Danville, CA

Last year I hit my big 40th birthday. The year leading up to turning 40, I was inspired to get on top of my physical shape. I had always been athletic and active when younger. But lifestyle changes and a little bit of age can start to make a difference. I was well over 90kg, I was dealing with stress, and I was constantly battling afternoon fatigue and sluggishness. I needed to do something so I resolved in my heart to make some changes to my diet and activity level.

I did the first thing most people would do. I went to the internet to get some advice and recommendations. I searched for the latest suggestions on diet modification. I remember coming across MAX Workouts and gleaned some good advice, but didn’t pursue the program. Instead, I just bought and decided to diet the traditional route. Before you knew it, I dropped 15 kg. I was impressed. With just a little bit of effort and change I saw results fast. My energy level had increased quite a bit too. So I was excited to think these same results would continue. But they didn't. I discovered that I reached a certain point relatively quickly. But I wasn't going to improve any more. I hit the classic plateau. I was stuck! So I started to ride the bike more. I started to eat less. But I couldn't seem to break the plateau. My belly fat wasn't going away. I started to do more ab exercises. But my stomach never looked any different. Then I found that my energy level was actually starting to decline again. It was as if I was working harder than before but the results were starting to go the opposite direction. What was happening?

Then one day I decided to revisit MAX Workouts and I came across a video with Shin demonstrating an exercise. I decided to give it a try. Why not try something new? Immediately, after I was done with the exercise, I noticed something different. My body felt like it had worked in a new way. Not only did I experience specific muscles at work that hadn't been used in a long time, but there was something unique about the combination of muscles all working together at the same time. It was as if my body didn't know where to go to for energy so my whole system was put to work. In other words, I felt like I really worked out! I concluded Shin may be onto something good with his workouts.

Bottom line is that I was looking for something to get me out the plateau that I was stuck in. Although I wasn't entirely unhappy with the point I had come to, I was getting frustrated that no matter how much work I seemed to be doing I was stuck at a certain point. I decided to give MAX Workouts program a try to see if that would yank me out of the plateau. If one little exercise could rock my body in that way, then perhaps that's what I would need. I was right!

I soon started MAX Workouts 90-day program. I immediately was impressed with the amount of information that I received for the money. I learned that the combined use of information, specific exercises, diet, recovery, all work together to produce results. I love the approach of intensity. It feels amazing to shock your body with 20 minutes of intensity. It literally feels like you body is working the rest of the day in response to the intense workout.

In response to Shin's workout and diet guidelines, my energy level has become revolutionized. I am not sluggish in the afternoon any more. I sleep great at night. And I conquered the plateau that I thought I could never get over. I am thankful for Shin's program and recommend it to everyone who simply wants to feel better!

Start date: January 4, 2013  End date: March 29, 2013

Before:                            After:

Weight: 70.3 kg/155 lbs    66.9 kg/147.5 lbs

Chest:  102 cm                97 cm

Waist:   85 cm                 80 cm

Hip:      92 cm                  90 cm

Thigh:   56 cm                  53 cm

Arm:     32 cm                  29 cm

Legal Disclaimer: Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve similar results.

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