Before and after photo of a Max Workouts customer

This is a program for life because it’s realistic and hard work but it is easy maintainable.

South Africa

After having 2 children I have been riding the roller coaster of gaining weight and losing weight and then gaining weight again. I have never been able to maintain my goal weight for a very long period. I will gain weight gradually and before I know it I will be back where I started.

Completing the MAX workouts 90 day program made me realize I can still achieve my goals. I have lost 9kg and 31cm. I almost couldn’t wear the same pants for the ‘after photo’ because it felt so loose. I am 4kg away from my goal weight. I will continue with MAX workouts. This is a program for life because it’s realistic and hard work but it is easy maintainable because it’s only 30min per day...

This program is not just about losing weight. It’s a life changing experience. It’s more than full-body high-intensity workouts that’s successful and full of promising results. It’s about seeing exercise, food and health in a different light. It becomes a way of life. I feel more energetic, healthier and physically very strong. I feel able to enjoy any kind of sport (coaching hockey at school for 10 year olds and they battle to keep up with me) and I feel very flexible.

Thank you Shin for not just selling a great program, but for being someone that really shows an interest in people’s health, fitness and over all well-being

Legal Disclaimer: Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve similar results.

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