Before and after photo of a Max Workouts customer

The first 6 weeks I lost so much fat so fast my wife and parents thought I looked too skinny!

Lake Worth, FL

I’ve been a believer in Shin’s MAX Workouts program for a couple of years now.  I love it because the workouts are short and intense which fits my schedule, and they don’t take any fancy or expensive equipment.  I also noticed that the Lean Body Diet works and is enjoyable.  There’s a hump to get over if you’re used to eating tons of carbs and sugar like I was, but now that I’m in the groove, I really like it, it’s easy, and it really does blowtorch fat off my body.

Anyway, I went through the program once, not completely consistent, and lost several pounds of fat and got stronger.  And for the first time, my wife told me I looked “hot”.  That’s pretty cool.  After I finished the 12 week program I veered off for a while and got into a workout rut and gained some pounds back and got a little flabby again.

When the Max Workouts contest came up, I voted. I was impressed with the transformations and motivated to get back in the groove.  So, I decided to enter the next contest to challenge myself and see what I really could do in 12 weeks.  The first 6 weeks I lost so much fat so fast my wife and parents thought I looked too skinny!  So I increased calories quite a bit and started building muscle.  

My goals were to get a 6-pack, lose about 10 pounds, and get stronger.  I’ve never had a 6-pack in my life, not even in high school or college sports.

Now, I’ve got a semblance of a 6-pack for the first time, my strength and stamina are much better.  I’m progressing nicely in the workouts and my whole body feels better (I had several aches and pains for 25 years from an eleven-bones-broken car wreck when I was 25) and I lost the pounds I wanted to lose.

I will be working out and eating this way as a lifestyle and I’m thankful to Shin for sharing this life-changing opportunity.  I wish I had known this stuff 35 years ago – my whole life would have been much different.  But it’s never too late!

Date:         5/20/13              8/10/13

Weight:      175.8 lbs            167.3 lbs

Arm:           13.5”                 14.25”

Chest:        42.5”                 41.75”

Waist:         36.5”                 32”

Hips:           37.75”               36.5”

Thigh:         22.5”                 22.5”

Body fat:     35.7 lbs             30.4 lbs

Body fat %: 20 %                 18.2 %

Legal Disclaimer: Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve similar results.

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