Before and after photo of a Max Workouts customer

I not only lost pounds and inches but my overall strength improved.

Washington, IL

My goal for this contest was to lose my remaining "baby weight" after having my ninth child in September 2012.  I achieved my goal losing 7 pounds and 4 3/4 inches.  I became interested in MAX Workouts after asking a guy at the gym about where he got his workouts.  I had noticed he would actually sweat and was short of breath during his workouts!!  He referred me to MAX Workouts.  After visiting the website, I bought the e-books and got to work. 

I love the flexibility of the workouts.  I can do them at home or the gym.  My older kids sometimes joined me in the "fun."  I don't have much extra time in my day so a 30-40 minute workout is ideal for me!  I not only lost pounds and inches but my overall strength improved.  This was most evident in my ability to now do 1 pull-up unassisted!!  I plan to continue using MAX Workouts to maintain my body weight, increase my strength and improve my overall health! 

Measurements:  May 16, 2013      August 10, 2013

Weight:             140 lbs                133 lbs

Chest:               34 inches             33.5 inches

Waist:               32 inches             31.5 inches

Hips:                 34.5 inches          33 inches

Arms:                10.5 inches          10 inches

Legs:                 23 inches             21.25 inches

Legal Disclaimer: Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve similar results.

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