Before and after photo of a Max Workouts customer

I lost inches, gained a renewed sense of confidence, felt happier and more energetic than I did in so long (this program does wonders for the spirit), and I felt stronger than ever!


Before starting this program, I was in relatively good shape.  I was exercising at least 6 days a week and doing both cardio and weights.  However, over the past year or so, I had been feeling so unmotivated to get up and work out.  (I’m married, have four kids, and work full time, so the only time I could dedicate time to myself was before everyone woke up, meaning I had to get up at nearly 4:30 in the morning to do my workout then get myself and my kids ready before 7:30 AM!)  I was spending about an hour an half or so working out.  There were days when I felt like I could cry if I had to run another 45 minutes on the treadmill and then do another 45 minutes of lifting.  I was going through the motions doing it- mainly to “get it done”, not because I wanted to do it or I felt like it was making a difference.  I had even increased my workout time because I was seeing no progress in terms of weight loss or increased strength or definition.  It was frustrating in so many ways seeing no results and giving up both time and sleep to try to get in more work-out time.  I also ate relatively healthy (or so I thought!)  I ate a diet low in fat but didn’t really watch or limit carbohydrate or sugar intake.

Then, one day, I was so fed up with my workout routines that I began researching on-line for a new workout program that might spark some sort of new-found motivation for me when I came across MAX Workouts.  I read about the program and became immersed reading everything about it.  I literally had tears in my eyes because I felt as though Shin was talking directly to me in so many ways (regarding work out time, intensity, diet, etc.)  It hit me like a bolt of lightning, so I had to order the program!  I started the next week following the workout program and the diet plan (as best as I could.)  I will admit that it was hard at first.  I was skeptical and afraid that LESS workout time would send me backwards instead of forwards in terms of progress.  I almost felt guilty sleeping in later (because I didn’t have to get up nearly as early because my workout time was more than cut in half!)  I also had to adjust my diet.  No more cereal and bagels in the morning…it was a breakfast high in protein, and yes, sensible fat!  I ate more vegetables and definitely watched my carbohydrate intake, especially from bread and starchy food products - which I realized was more than 75% of my diet!  Within weeks, I could see myself transforming in terms of definition.  The scale itself wasn’t really moving, but the number on the scale didn’t matter, because I could visibly see myself taking on a new, more improved shape.  I lost inches, gained a renewed sense of confidence, felt happier and more energetic than I did in so long (this program does wonders for the spirit), and I felt stronger than ever!  I had people complimenting me on my arms every time I wore sleeveless shirts.  It was a great feeling. 

What I liked most about the program was how easy it was to follow.  I liked the shorter, more intense workouts and the program itself was easy to read and understand from the workout explanations to the diet plan.  It all just “makes sense” when you think about it.  I completed the program and am in the midst of doing it again for the second round.  I can’t see myself going back to anything else!  Thank you, Shin Ohtake!


Kim from Pennsylania

Measurements in Inches:

                    Before                After:

Chest:             32.5                    32

Waist:              31                       29

Hip:                 33.5                    33

Thigh:              18                      18

Arm:                9.75                    10

Weight:           108.5 lb                106 lb

Legal Disclaimer: Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve similar results.

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