Before and after photo of a Max Workouts customer

I never thought at age 60 my body could respond so well to exercise.

South Africa

For the last four and a half years my life had been on auto pilot, following the death of my spouse. I had no motivation, did very little or no exercise, had elevated blood pressure and a thyroid imbalance. Tail end of last year I decided to do something about my health – particularly my weight. Having done the dieting/gym routine and not achieving great results, I decided to look on the internet for an alternate, and I came across the MAX Workouts site. It sounded interesting but too good to be true. I spent the weekend reading and re-reading the information on the site (especially the testimonials) and finally decided to purchase the program.

I must admit that my body went into shock on the first day of exercising – I had never done exercises with such intensity – so much so that I thought I would never cope, but with encouragement of my son and all the emails from Shin I persevered and slowly it became more manageable and doable. I started with 5kg dumbbells and then progressed to 7kg’s for my strength training. For my cardio workouts I used the stationary bicycle. After a few weeks I noticed I had gained more flexibility and my body was responding quicker to the various movements required for the exercises. I began to feel stronger. I was consistent in doing the program and tried not to miss any of the workouts.

I have never been good at counting calories but I tried the Lean Body Diet for the last six weeks, cutting out refined carbs and increasing my raw food intake. I enjoy this way of eating. It actually does boost one’s energy levels. The program has empowered me. I feel so good about myself. I also feel great physically – I have more energy and stamina, my mood has lifted, my blood pressure is back to normal and my thyroid is fine.

My favorite exercises are cardio on the bike and squats with the weights; my nemesis is the burpees but I am not giving up – I will master them. I never thought at age 60 my body could respond so well to exercise. I do have a few more inches to lose but I am so excited at what I see now. A big THANK YOU to Shin. I appreciate all the emails; the information and encouragement were very helpful. I would look forward to receiving mail from you whenever I opened my mailbox. Thank you MAX Workouts for empowering me and giving me a new lease on life.


            Before          After             Loss
Chest:      42”            39.5”              2.5”
Waist:      35”            32”                 3”
Hip:          40”            35.5”              4.5”
L. Thigh:   24.5”         23.5”              1”
R. Thigh:  25”            23.5”              1.5"
L. Arm:    13.5”          12.5”              1”
R. Arm:    13.5”         12.5”               1”

Weight:    172 lbs      154 lbs          18 lbs

Legal Disclaimer: Weight loss varies by individual. You may not achieve similar results.

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