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woman holding a barbell with her gym instructor
woman holding a barbell with her gym instructor
woman holding a barbell with her gym instructor

Lie #3 “Here’s Your Plan, Now Let’s Go!”

The one thing you need to understand about personal trainers at big-box gyms (and really almost any gym) is that they are salespeople first.

They want to churn out as many workout plans as possible.

They want to work with as many people as possible.

The reason is that they all work on commission. It’s their job to sell you something “extra” beyond that 3 month trial membership you purchased.

They’re trained to sell you “more.” One of the ways they do this is with “tiered” levels of personal training service.

My friend Don came in for his assessment. The next day, he was handed a “plan.”

It was a set of workouts to follow for all 3 months of his membership. The interesting thing? The plan didn’t account for any “gains” he would make. It was just a list of the same workouts, over and over.

This is the fastest way to hit a fitness “plateau” - that’s when you STOP seeing results.

I understand why personal trainers do it: They have to have something “extra” to sell you. But that doesn’t mean the plan is not a lie.

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