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a tired old man lying on the grass
a tired old man lying on the grass
a tired old man lying on the grass

Step 3: Exercise Efficiently

As you get older, how efficiently you work out begins to matter more than ever.

First, you’re working with additional lifestyle factors you have to manage—between kids, a career, and things you want to do, there’s just no time to deal with inefficient workouts.

Second, you’re fighting stress, cortisol, and your own natural metabolic slow down—all things you don’t have to deal with when you’re young.

Third, even if you have all the time in the world, your body responds differently as you age.  Someone that’s 50 responds to differently to workouts than someone that’s 30.

In fact, science has discovered that as you age you need less (of a good thing) than more.

Age makes your body respond differently to exercise… and doing more can actually back fire and stop you from getting the results you would normally see at a younger age.

But what you do and how you do it is what determines the results, especially at ages 50 and older.

You may be surprised to discover that in as short as 20 minutes of effort per day, you can effectively burn-off stubborn age-related fat and build a strong lean youthful body.

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