3 Steps to Abs After 40

Use this 3-Step Approach to Shed Stomach Fat and Build a Defined Core After 40

Shin Ohtake
Shin Ohtake

Creator of Max Workouts

man ans woman with ripped abs
man ans woman with ripped abs
man ans woman with ripped abs

If you’re sick of stubborn fat and ready to flatten your core, you have to realize: The exercises and workouts that work for the under-40 crowd are not going to work for you. This is why…

Starting in your 30s, your growth hormone levels decline, changing the way your body responds to what you eat and how you exercise forever.

The process of growth hormone decline is called somatopause.

This is the reason the fat covering your core is so easy to put on and so hard to take off.

This is the reason a flat core and visible abs are so hard for middle-aged men and women to build.

And this is the reason workouts made for people under 40 will not work for you.

Use the 3-step approach I’m about to show you to take into account how your body, your metabolism, and your hormones have changed.

If you don’t learn this approach, there is a good chance the workouts you try will actually end up making somatopause (age-related growth hormone loss) even worse.

Don’t miss this and let age continue to sabotage your metabolism.

Click below to see the first step in the over-40 ab building process.

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