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a man lifting barbells
a man lifting barbells
a man lifting barbells

3. Doing The Wrong Exercises

Not all exercises are effective, especially when it comes to building lean muscle and burning off fat

Here’s a fact… the more lean muscles you have the more fat you’ll burn.  But too many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong exercises to try and build lean muscle.  Most typical bodybuilding isolated exercises like bicep curls and tricep extensions don’t provide your body enough challenge to boost your lagging fat-burning hormones.

If you want to reboot your fat-burning hormones to get rid of stubborn fat and build lean muscle… you need to perform exercises that stimulate as many muscles as possible at the same time. Using specific full body exercises (which I’ll reveal on the next page) will dramatically accelerate your results.  In fact, studies have shown that doing these exercises can boost your youth-enhancing hormones by 450%!

But I need to warn you this method I’m about to show you is NOT for everyone!

For instance…

  • If you enjoy spending hours working out, socializing with other gym rats… this is NOT for you.

  • If you THINK you can run, cycle or do other forms of cardio for hours to burn off belly fat… this is NOT for you.

  • If you’re not willing to workout hard for a VERY short period of time to get the best result possible… this is NOT for you.

Here’s the truth… the KEY to this scientifically-proven method is based on doing specific exercises performed at HIGH INTENSITY for a very short duration.

These essential factors combined together elicit a powerful physiological response that floods your body with anti-aging and fat-burning hormones - so you can burn off ALL of your middle-age stubborn belly fat and get a lean toned body…. in the quickest way possible.

Most people are simply unaware that your body has the amazing potential to slow down aging and stop the middle-age spread on it’s own.  Your body is already equipped with the essential hormones, enzymes, and neurons to make this work.

You just need to know HOW… and if you’re ready to get started, I’ll show you the specifics behind this super effective anti-aging and fat burning method on the next page.

Click the link below and I’ll show you how.

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