Research Reveals: This “Almost a Medicine” Workout Stops the Signs of Getting Older (at ANY Age)

PLUS – Learn Why the Workout Style Doctors are Calling the “Fountain of Youth” Takes Only 20 Minutes to Complete.

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an old man showing off his biceps
an old man showing off his biceps
an old man showing off his biceps

According to a new study published in March of 2017 in the academic journal Cell Metabolism, one type of exercise can actually help you stay looking, feeling, and functioning younger longer.

I’ll explain more about how it works at the end of this article.

First, I want to share with you the incredible news this latest study shows:

It adds to the growing volume of research that proves you can actually look younger, feel younger, lose weight, and get into shape by working out less (instead of spending all your time at the gym).

Every Anti-Aging ‘Trick’ is Trying to Accomplish What this Workout Actually Does.

When you think about it, nearly every trick you’ve tried (or thought about trying) to fight against the reality of getting older…

  • Anti-Wrinkle Creams

  • Diets and Superfoods

  • Exercise Regimens

  • Supplements

  • Expensive Treatments

  • And More

…nearly every “trick” and “tip” you read about is trying to accomplish that the workout style I’m about to explain actually DOES (and does better than anything else—according to research).

Instead of covering up or slowing down the aging process, what I’m about to show you actually reverses aging.

What is this Workout Style?

It’s called high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

You may have heard about it before.

It’s actually one of the fastest ways to burn calories, shed fat, and lose weight—exercise scientists and doctors have known this for years.

But this is one of the very first times HIIT has been shown to slow down the aging process.

You’ll realize how incredible this is—and what it really means for you—when you start to try HIIT-style workouts for yourself.

In fact, you’ll actually be amazed at how better and full of energy you’ll feel with just 10 or 20 minutes of exercise.

Research proves why you’ll feel (and look) younger.

Researchers Call it the Fastest (and Best) Way to Keep Every Cell in Your Body Young.

Let’s talk about the study in Cell Metabolism conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic (citation is at the bottom of this page).

What researchers at the Mayo Clinic wanted to know is: How does the type of exercise you do impact your body on a molecular level?

How does it change your cells and the way they function?

What researchers found is a “Fountain of Youth.”

To answer this question, they put two groups of test subjects to work exercising.

  • One group was “older” (age 65 to 80)

  • One group was “younger” (age 18 to 30)

Then they had each group perform different styles of exercises:

  • Style 1: Mixed Training – Cycling and resistance (lifting weights).

  • Style 2: Resistance Training – Lifting weights.

  • Style 3: HIIT Training – Shorter workouts with intervals only.

Over 12 weeks researchers monitored results for each age group and each workout style.

Results for the HIIT Group Were Incredible! “A 69% Increase in Mitochondrial Capacity” for Participants Over Age 65!

Over 12 weeks, younger participants (age 18-30) following the HIIT workout plan had a 49% increase in mitochondrial capacity.

Older participants (age 65-80) following the HIIT workout plan had a 69% increase in mitochondrial capacity.

What is “mitochondrial capacity?”

Most cells in your body contain mitochondria.

It’s the “powerhouse” of your cell—basically an organ inside your cell that works like a battery producing energy

Mitochondria take in nutrients, break them down, and turn them into energy.

As You Get Older Your Mitochondria Slow Down. It’s a “Natural Aging Process” You Can Finally Fight!

Here’s what we knew about mitochondria (until this study came out):

As you get older, they stop working. They stop taking in nutrients. They stop breaking down nutrients. They stop powering your cells.

You’ve seen the results of mitochondria slowing down.

  • Less Overall Energy

  • Slower Metabolism

  • Faster Aging

  • Blood Sugar Changes

  • Metabolic Diseases

Nearly every single age-related disorder we face as we get older can be traced back to mitochondria function slowing down or stopping.
If you can keep mitochondria functioning properly, you’ve found the fountain of youth.

And that’s just what this study really is.

Click Below and Learn How to Follow the Age-Reversing Workout Style Doctors are Calling “Almost a Medicine.”

Here’s what I’ve done…

I’ve put together a 90 Day (that’s 12-weeks, just like the study I shared about) workout plan that…

  • Uses the very same workout style this study focused on

  • Boosts mitochondrial capacity (just like participants in the study)

  • Fights against aging at a cellular level.

  • Boosts your energy, your mood, and more.

  • Helps you lose weight and feel great.

  • Keeps you young and healthy.

  • Takes just 20 minutes of your time, a few times a week.

The entire program, why it works, how it works, and how it ties into the research that I just shared is explained in the video you’ll see on the next page.

Click below now to learn more.

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  • Matthew M. Robinson, et. al. Enhanced Protein Translation Underlies Improved Metabolic and Physical Adaptations to Different Exercise Training Modes in Young and Old Humans. Cell Metabolism 25:3, p581-592 (7 March 2017).

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