Groundbreaking Anti-Age Study and Fitness Connection May Be the “DNA-Damage Solution” that Sends Humans to Mars.

What Does It Mean for the Rest of Us? Looking and Feeling Young After 40, 50 (even 70+) is FINALLY Possible.

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man and woman in their beach body
man and woman in their beach body
man and woman in their beach body

SYDNEY, Australia – A University of New South Wales (UNSW) research team just concluded a promising study poised to transform anti-aging medicine.

Professor David Sinclair, the study’s lead researcher and winner of the 2016 NASA iTech competition worked with his team for 4 long years to discover the specific protein complex responsible for protecting against DNA damage.

Using a DNA precursor, NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide), Professor Sinclair and his team were able to increase DNA repair speed within cells damaged by radiation exposure.

This groundbreaking DNA repair treatment may become one of the first true “anti-age” medications capable of reversing DNA damage and keeping DNA strands intact.

Because it can defend against DNA damage caused by radiation exposure, it may actually end up turning into the miracle drug that allows humans to travel safely to Mars without the risk of cancer and rapid aging caused by radiation exposure.

While NASA scientists are excited about the possibilities of this potential DNA-protecting treatment, they are already working on a more practical exercise-based solution to protect the human body from DNA damage and early aging—

—it’s a workout style you can try at home (PLUS it takes just 15-20 minutes of effort).

“Miracle Drug Treatment” in Clinical Study Keeps DNA Strands Intact, Reversing the “Disease of Aging.”

DNA repair is the core of anti-age research, and it’s one of the reasons this new study from UNSW has scientists and researchers around the world so excited.

Research trends have begun treating age as a “disease” linking DNA damage to the way you age.

chromosomes and telomeres

Here’s what you need to know about DNA damage and aging:

  1. Each strand of DNA in your body has telomeres. They are on the end of DNA strands. These “caps” keep your DNA from unraveling, protecting DNA against damage.

  2. Lifestyle factors impact telomere length. As you age, lifestyle factors, exposure to toxins, different foods, radiation (UV exposure from the sun, cancer treatments, x-rays, even flying in an airplane) add up and reduce telomere length.

  3. Telomeres get shorter and DNA is no longer protected. DNA strands are like the interlocked teeth of a zipper, held together at either end by telomeres. Once they are weakened or gone, your DNA begins to unravel.

  4. Shorter telomeres equal more DNA damage and a shorter lifespan. Many diseases, cancers, and causes of death we attribute to “getting older” are the result of DNA damage. This research is so incredible because it boosts cells ability to repair damage.

NASA is Excited because this Process Protects DNA. But They’re Already Using the “You Can Do This at Home” Alternative to Anti-Age Wonder Drugs.  (HINT: It’s a Workout Style)

NASA scientists are incredibly excited about this incredible DNA protecting treatment—they’re anxiously awaiting the results of anti-age, DNA rejuvenating NMN injections in humans set to begin within the year.

One of the major challenges astronauts face is accelerated DNA damage caused by radiation levels we don’t experience on earth. This fact of life in space requires NASA to strive for DNA-protecting (and anti-age) solutions.

For years, NASA has tested techniques to fight DNA damage.

One current study, underway on the International Space Station is testing integrated training techniques utilizing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to protect DNA.

HIIT techniques have gained incredible popularity in the fitness world in the last decade because of their ability to deliver results (fat loss, accelerated metabolism, lean muscle gain, and more) in short periods of time.

Perhaps the best benefit of HIIT training is that it requires little equipment and takes practically NO time to experience results (workouts are often less than 15 minutes).

NASA is Testing the Same HIIT Workout Style You Can Perform at Home Because of Proven DNA Protecting Properties and Efficiency.

The current NASA study is called “Sprint” (The Integrated Resistance and Aerobic Training Study).

NASA defines the study as an evaluation of “the use of high intensity, low volume exercise to minimize loss of muscle, bone, and cardiovascular function.”

man doing treadmill test

The goal of this exercise program and use of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to…

  • Fight Against DNA Damage

  • Build and Maintain Lean Muscle

  • Increase Aerobic Capacity

  • All with Less Time

While the results of this study are not yet published, dozens of studies from the last 5 years demonstrate the DNA protecting capabilities of HIIT-style fitness training and a variety of exercises.

The Key to Looking and Feeling Young Doesn’t Have to Be a Miracle Drug.

One recent study confirms what NASA believes are the benefits of HIIT-style training—that you don’t need a miracle anti-age or DNA protecting wonder drug to fight the DNA damage responsible for cancers and age-related disease.

Published in Medicine and Science in Sports Exercise, a 2016 study found that people age 20-84 who participated in a variety of exercises that incorporated HIIT-style workouts were 59% less likely to have shortened telomere length.

This study demonstrates that men and women age 40-65 who followed more diverse workouts (similar to the workouts HIIT-style programs use) were much less likely to experience early telomere damage.

Remember, telomeres are the first line of defense in protecting your DNA. Once your telomeres shorten, DNA strands begin to unravel.

Just 15 Minutes of Effort and Exercise is all it Takes.

The same style of HIIT workouts NASA is studying on the International Space Station right now are incredibly easy to perform at home simply by following the right combination of exercises and exercise intensities.

If you’re interested in learning more about the types of exercises, intensities, and HIIT-style NASA is studying right now, you click “watch the full video” at the bottom of this page for more details.

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