How This Middle-Age Exercise Mistake Causes Uncontrollable Weight Gain

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a tired old man
a tired old man

Mistake #1 (of 6):

How Too Much Cardio Ends Up Causing Weight Gain

There are several “middle-age” exercise mistakes that actually end up causing weight gain. I’ve identified 6 total mistakes (each are explained in detail in a video you can access below).

But - I want to discuss this mistake with you first because too many people automatically turn to running shoes, the stationary bike, or an elliptical when it’s time to lose weight, when the fact is:

One of the most common mistakes that ends up causing weight gain is long cardio-based exercise.

Cardio actually ends up accelerating the aging process responsible for your weight gain. Longer, sustained exercise is great for younger people, but over 35 and combined with age-related hormone decline, it can actually become a hidden source of fat gain.

Let me explain:

  • Cardio Causes Testosterone Levels to Decrease
    This is the number #1 reason you should avoid cardio-based workouts if you want to lose weight and you’ve over age 35. Cardio exercise decreases your hormone levels. Numerous studies demonstrate this fact including a recent University of British Columbia study that found just 30 minutes of running per day to be enough to significantly lower testosterone levels.

  • Cardio Causes Cortisol Levels to Increase
    Cortisol is your stress hormone. When your body experiences mental or physical stress, cortisol is released, sending your metabolism into “survival mode.” Cortisol is associated with increased weight gain because it ends up turning off many of your body’s natural processes (including normal metabolic function). Long cardio increases cortisol production, which in turn, further lowers testosterone levels while reducing metabolic function.

  • Cardio Causes Free Radical Production to Increase
    You’ve heard about free radicals before. They are inflammatory molecules that damage cells within your body, causing chronic inflammation in your muscles, your gut, and more. Your body’s inflammatory processes result in insulin resistance, leading to weight gain.

Long cardio isn’t just running or time spent on a stationary bike either.

Many of people who turn to the gym to follow a weight lifting program or head to a workout class also end up falling into the cardio trap due to lack of planning.

If you’re over age-35 and experiencing the symptoms of hormone-decline, you need to take this mistake (and the others I’ve identified in the video below) into consideration.

What you think is helping you lose weight, slow down aging, and help you get healthier may actually be hurting you.

Learn 5 More of the Age-Accelerating, Fat-Adding Exercise Mistakes Sabotaging Your Results in the Video Below

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