Science has discovered yet ANOTHER cause of aging (previously thought to be anti-aging) …and your doctor has been telling you to do it!

Shin Ohtake
Shin Ohtake

Creator of Max Workouts

Doctors have managed to surprise me again.

Let me be frank with you:  When it comes to anti-aging, fitness, and fat-loss, your doc is completely clued out. (There are a few exceptions and I mean it…very few).

It’s no wonder.  Doctors are busy.  They start early and finish late.  Your doc sees patient after patient all day long — and after she’s done that, you know what she gets to do?  Paperwork!  She’s lucky to make it home in time for a late dinner.  With this kind of workload, when do you think she has time to get hip to the latest research studies in fields of fitness and anti-aging?  That’s right…

She doesn’t!

That means YOU end up getting decades-old advice (or worse, you walk out with an unnecessary prescription) when new research has proven the exact opposite.  Many of the doctors who come to me (including a prominent cardiovascular surgeon) have openly admitted that they (and most of their colleagues) have no extra time and are completely out of date on this stuff.  Believe me, it’s true.  Doctors are some of the unhealthiest people I’ve ever worked with.

For example, let’s say you’ve started feeling low on energy, gained a few pounds, and you know your health needs an overhaul so you don’t wind up sick or with some awful disease that’s going to cut your life short.  Your doctor tells you that you need to exercise more.  (That wasn’t exactly a newsflash, now was it?)  The doctor’s general advise isn’t wrong.  But then, he recommends you do cardio for 45 minutes, at least 3 times a week.  By “cardio”, he means jogging on the treadmill, doing the elliptical, riding the stationary bike, etc… This type of cardio is called “steady-state” cardio.

…And therein lies the problem.  Without realizing it, Dr. Old School has just put you on the fast-track to…

Accelerated aging!

Am I insane?  Did I really just tell you that doing cardiovascular exercise is BAD for you?

Listen, I know it sounds nuts.  What I just said goes against what the “experts” have been preaching to you your whole life.  But, you need to listen to what I’m about to say next, because you’re going to discover exactly why steady-state cardio is so bad AND what you should do instead.  (Don’t worry, you’re going to have a “lightbulb” moment in just a minute…)

Here’s the problem: Steady-state cardio increases oxidation, which produces cell damaging free-radicals that cause inflammation in your body.  As you recall, inflammation is the biggest cause of premature aging and chronic age-related diseases!  While steady-state cardio can help improve your cardiovascular fitness (although I’ll show you a much better way in just a minute), all that jogging and bike riding you’ve been doing has also been aging you faster.  Probably not the goal you set out to achieve.

What’s more, steady-state cardio increases your appetite.  It depletes the glycogen in your body faster than a bat out of hell, making you crave sugar and carbs like crazy — and as you already know, that causes your body to produce even more cell-damaging free-radicals!  That’s not all…did you know that steady-state cardio also increases a stress hormone called “cortisol”?  This is really bad because when your body produces too much of it, you start to lose lean muscle mass, gain more belly fat (cortisol is a major cause of belly fat), and produce free-radicals galore.

Here’s some good news: Steady-state cardio is NOT the only way to improve your cardiovascular fitness.  In fact, there’s an unconventional (but insanely effective) way that gives you all the heart-healthy benefits, more weight-loss (much more, actually), and forces your body to release a flood of youth-enhancing hormones so you can look and feel years younger.  But, even though it’s scientifically proven, you won’t hear about this little-known method from most health experts.  Not because they’re evil-doers out to ruin your health.  That’s ridiculous.  The problem is they’re simply unaware.

Doctors and health professionals will tell you that the biggest indicator of health and longevity is your heart.  Not totally true.  In reality, the most up-to-date anti-aging research studies show (for both men and women) that your Lean Mass Index (LMI) is a much stronger indicator of health and longevity.  Simply put, it means this: The more lean muscle mass you have, the slower you’ll age, the longer you’ll live, and the less disease-prone you’ll be.

So there you have it…maintaining your lean muscle mass is key to maximizing your youth, staying lean, and fending off diseases that shorten your life.  Let me clear something up before you call me cuckoo again: I am not saying heart health isn’t important.  No, it’s extremely important.  But, it’s safe to assume that people with a high LMI do have healthy hearts (you can’t maintain muscle without working your cardiovascular system for crying out loud).  But those who have healthy hearts do not necessarily have lean muscle (more on that in just a minute).  This is why LMI is a much stronger indicator of health.

Let’s press on…

Increasing your Lean Muscle Index sounds fine and dandy, but there are two main problems:  First, we all start to lose muscle more quickly as we age — I’m over 40 so trust me, I know.  It gets more and more difficult after age 35.  And second, just about everyone who is trying to improve their health and lose weight is doing steady-state cardio, when the truth of the matter is that this method of exercising literally eats away your muscle tone.

You read that right.  It all comes down to how your body uses energy.  When you exercise, the first source of energy is provided by sugar (sugar is stored in your body as glycogen).  However, you have a limited amount of glycogen to be used and once you’ve used it all up, alternative energy sources must be found.  Ideally, your body would use fat as the next source, but that’s NOT the case when you do cardio.  Instead, your body breaks down the protein in your muscles to use for energy — literally eating it away!

Your lean muscle burns calories just by existing.  So, by losing muscle, you’re also getting rid of your body’s best fat-burner!  Every wonder why when you do start doing cardio, you see some results in the beginning, but then you quickly hit a plateau?  Now you know why.  It’s not you or your genetics to blame — it’s all that cardio that’s devouring your muscle!  Don’t feel bad, this happens to a lot of people and sadly, they never discover the truth.

What To Do Next

Enough with the bad news.  As promised, I want to show you a proven method that gets you lean, fit, and healthy without all the aging-inducing side effects.

But let’s get a few things straight first: If you’re 50, what you’re about to discover isn’t going to make you look a 25 (although, you’ll likely feel 25!).  You can expect to look up to 10 or even 15 years younger than whatever your age is now.  More importantly, you’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness while boosting your lean muscle mass to help you release a flood of youth-enhancing hormones, skyrocket your energy levels, and reignite your metabolism so you can put fat-burning on autopilot.  (Once you discover this simple method, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it all along!)…

Click the link below and I’ll show you how.

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Stay Lean,


P.S.  I almost forgot…remember the heart surgeon I told you about earlier?  He wrote in to let me know that after following this method for a short time, he had his blood panel done and it was equivalent to the health of a teenager!  (And I can’t even tell you the details of what his wife’s reaction was to his new, ripped body.  Nope, that’s personal stuff.  Let’s just say he’s a much happier man.)  I’ve gotten similar letters from women who have used this method.

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