Use This Simple Genetic "Hack" To Turn Back The "Metabolic Clock" And Burn Calories Like a 20 Year Old.

Fighting fat over 40 is often a losing battle, because genetics plays a big role... but this "biohack" can change all that...

Shin Ohtake
Shin Ohtake

Creator of Max Workouts

3 stages of man's weight loss
3 stages of man's weight loss
3 stages of man's weight loss

I’m going to share a genetic “hack” you can use to turn back the “aging clock” and burn more calories, but before I get there… we have to talk about your metabolism.

Metabolism Matters.

That’s the number of calories your body burns when you’re active, when you’re at rest—basically all the time—and it’s controlled by hormonal changes within your body.

Metabolism is essentially your “fat burning ability” and that ability starts to slow when you’re about 30…

And your body loses 5% of your “fat burning ability” EVERY DECADE

You’ve felt it already (it’s the extra fat that’s easier than ever to put on). Now let me explain what’s happening…

It can happen because of something you do:

Maybe you get your first “real” job, a family, stress, and something called “Cortisol” (the “stress hormone”) increases. As a result, your metabolism starts to slow. As a response to more cortisol, your body starts to store fat instead of burning off the extra calories you eat.

Or it will happen naturally (that means your metabolism will slow down on its own).

Somewhere between age 20 and 40 (it’s different for everyone) your metabolism (again, the rate you burn calories) will start to slow by about 5%-7% per decade. Natural hormonal changes are the cause. Lower testosterone (if you’re a man), lower estrogen and progesterone (if you’re a woman)—an entire set of hormones your body is accustomed to having start to become scarce.

As your metabolism slows down, stubborn fat forms around your midsection, your face gets wider and fatter, and the last signs of youth start to fade away.

Let’s talk numbers:

Maybe you needed 2,300 calories per day at age 23.  That’s where your metabolism was functioning and you were used to it.

Age 30 comes around and you need about 150 calories less (your metabolism slows 5% a decade). 150 calories seem like nothing. It’s about the number of calories in a bottle of craft beer or a single cookie.

Age 40 comes around and you need 300 calories less. That’s two beers. A couple of cookies. An extra helping of pasta at dinner.

Now, about 3,000 extra calories (you don’t burn) stored by your body is one pound of fat. At a rate of 300 calories per day extra, you’ll be gaining one pound of fat every 10 days.

Do the math: That’s 30 extra pounds of fat on your body every year.

It’s a natural change. It happens to everyone.

And it involves 2 specific factors:

  • Energy Metabolism – This is the process of generating the energy your body needs from the foods you eat.

  • Insulin Response – Insulin is the hormone that moves glucose from your blood into fat cells to “store” for later.

Many people think the only way to change these 2 factors is a “diet.”

You eat less, right? Starve yourself?

There’s actually an easier way (next page) to restore your age 20 metabolism. Click next below to learn more.

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