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an anime drawing of a fat tired boy
an anime drawing of a fat tired boy
an anime drawing of a fat tired boy

2. Doing Too Much, For Too Long

When it comes to effort… make it short and sweet

Pushing your body too hard for too long actually makes things worse by producing even more stress hormones that promote even more fat gain… along with a host of other negative effects.  Not to mention doing exercises that have you repeat the same movements over and over again for a long time… think cardio like running… causes enormous stress on your joints causing inflammation and eventual injury.

Now don’t get me wrong, you need to push yourself when you workout… no doubt about it.  In fact, intensity is what drives your body to produce hormones… but you need to workout with the right intensity for the right duration in order to boost the production of your fat-burning and anti-aging hormones without activating your stress hormones, which can easily negate all of the positive effects.

Finding the optimal intensity relies on 4 variables…

  • Exercise - what kind of exercise do you need to do…?

  • Effort - how hard do you need to push yourself…?

  • Duration - how long do you need to exercise for…?

  • Rest - how much rest do you need…?

Shortly, you’ll uncover the perfect combination of these variables, so you can maximize your youth-enhancing and fat-burning hormones… while keeping the stress hormones at bay.

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