3 Lies My Personal Trainer Told Me

Here’s Why Your Workout May be a Waste of Time

Shin Ohtake
Shin Ohtake

Creator of Max Workouts

man holding mega phone
man holding mega phone
man holding mega phone

Thinking about signing up for a gym membership? Considering talking to a personal trainer? Already working with someone?

You need to understand the lies personal trainers tell every day—not just “white lies” either like “I’ve worked with thousands of clients” or “I have my expert certification in ________” (insert whatever you’d like into the blank there…)

I’m talking about the BIG lies.

3 lies trainers tell that will make the most impact on your ability to…

  • Shed Stubborn Fat and Lose Weight

  • Take Off Inches Around Your Waist

  • Tone Up Your Arms and Legs

  • Help You Feel Younger and Full of Energy

  • And More!

Before we get to each lie, let me tell you who I am and the “method to my madness”.

shin in hawaii

That’s me in Hawaii on vacation a little while back… now, I have a background in biochemistry (I have a degree in it), exercise physiology, and sport science.

I’m also a chiropractor. I have my doctorate and I specialize in soft tissue treatment.

So I understand how the body works. But I wanted to find out if my local gym understood.

And by “local,” I mean one of those big-box purple gyms you see advertised on TV all the time… you know the ones I mean.

So I Paid for a Friend’s 3 Month Membership to Find Out

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