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a man with ripped biceps
a man with ripped biceps
a man with ripped biceps

Step 2: Boost Lean Muscle

Did you know that for every pound of lean muscle you add to your body, your body uses up to 50 more calories a day while at rest?

If you replace the fat taking up space on your arms, under your chin, and on your belly with lean, well-defined strong muscles you can burn extra fat just sitting around.

Let’s just do some number crunching quickly…

Add just 2 pounds of muscle to your body and you’ll burn an additional 700 calories a week just sitting around.

That’s nearly 12 pounds of fat per year lost by only changing your body composition.

Sounds easy enough… right?  But there’s a problem.  You see… building lean muscle gets much more difficult as you age.  The reason…?  Hormonal decline.

Unfortunately, as you get older your hormonal levels start to decline… especially the hormones responsible for building lean muscle.

As you hit age 50 and over… you start to lose muscle mass, energy and your youthful looks.

It just so happens that these same hormones responsible for building lean muscle are also responsible for your youthful energy and looks…

And although there’s no way to reverse the aging process, there IS a way to reboot your lagging hormones naturally…

So you can build lean muscles that give you the strength and vitality of a body that’s 10 to 15 years younger.

And the best part… you can do this in less then 30 minutes a day!

In just a few minutes per week you can effectively gain strong lean muscles that force your body to melt away stubborn fat… even after age 50.

Click below to see step 3 and I’ll show you exactly how…

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