How This Middle-Age Exercise Mistake Causes Uncontrollable Weight Gain

Shin Ohtake
Shin Ohtake

Creator of Max Workouts

a middle-aged man running on a treadmill
a middle-aged man running on a treadmill
a middle-aged man running on a treadmill

Some Types of Exercise Actually Speed Up Hormone Decline and the Aging Process

...Making Fat Easier to Add and Harder to Lose

The most noticeable early and lasting symptom of gradual hormone decline (somatopause) is a slower metabolism.

If you’ve over 35 you’ve already seen it (for some, it comes even earlier).  Fat increases first around the waist, then in your arms and legs and strength declines as muscle mass, once fed by higher GH levels, fades away.

As hormone levels get lower, it becomes easier and easier to gain unwanted weight.

The good news is that certain types of exercise can actually reverse hormone decline.

The bad news? One of the most popular types of exercise (you’ve likely tried it) speeds up hormone decline.

The type of exercise you perform can actually speed up or slow down growth hormone release. Some exercise styles are better suited to protect against and reverse age-related hormone decline.

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