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Don’t Think You Exercise Enough? You Should Read This…

This is an absolutely crazy thing to say, but researchers at Stanford University just published the study (detailed below)—I was shocked, but here it is:

Even if you get enough exercise just thinking you don’t exercise enough may be detrimental to your health.

What does this mean?

It means that even if you meet all of the doctor-recommended exercise durations and frequencies (like the AHA guideline of 150 minutes per week of moderate or 75 minutes per week of strenuous exercise)…

…and even if you practically live at the gym and get hours and hours of exercise a week…

…just THINKING that you don’t exercise enough is actually BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!

Again—even if you exercise enough this is true!

Even if you meet all of the doctor, personal trainer, and research-backed “here’s how much you should work out” guidelines.

Incredible, right?

I was absolutely shocked and I had NEVER head of this before.

It’s the Opposite of the “Placebo Effect:” A Nocebo Effect!

You’ve heard of the “placebo effect” before, right?

This is where people experience a benefit because their mind believes they are doing something right.

You see it all the time in clinical studies (it’s why a lot of these studies have control groups).

Sometimes just the thought or belief that you’re doing the right thing for your body can create positive outcomes.

The “nocebo” effect is the opposite of a placebo.

And it happens when you believe you aren’t doing the right thing for your body.

Check out the study below….

Stanford Study Reveals: Just Believing “You’re Not Exercising Enough” Can Shorten Your Lifespan!

Stanford University study (published July 20th, 2017) just found that believing you’re not getting enough exercise can shorten your lifespan.

Just thinking about not exercising enough has a negative impact on your health.

Again – amazing!

They published the results. They signed off on the study. And they said that you’re basically killing yourself by thinking “I don’t exercise enough.”

Here are the details of this remarkable study:

  • 61,000 American adults across 3 national data pools were surveyed. Information on weight, mortality risk factors, activity and exercise levels, and more were collected.
  • Key to this Study – Survey participants were asked to assess their rate of exercise compared to peers.
  • Shocking Result from Stanford Researchers: People who believe they are less active than their peers are more likely to die, no matter how healthy they are or how much they exercise or take care of themselves.

In fact, people who believe they don’t exercise as much as their peers in this very study were 71% more likely to die in the study follow up!

And this study lasted from 1990 to 2006 (data on death rates were from 2011).

It’s a huge data group!

Researchers are saying “don’t underestimate the power of your mind” because this exercise perception “placebo effect” (it’s actually called a “nocebo effect” if it is negative) can directly impact your lifespan (just check out this summary from the American Psychological Association).

What Should You Do?  Stop Worrying About Getting Enough!

Speaking about the study on NPR, study co-author and researcher Octavia Zahrt said that it doesn’t make sense to compare yourself to others – because different people need different amounts of exercise.

At the same time – healthy thoughts are JUST as important as healthy actions.

This is one of the reasons I try to share (in the MAX Workouts Club Community and in the Newsletters you receive) motivation and as much support as possible.

Stay healthy!

Keep working out!

But remember – don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

MAX Workouts are a great way to know you’re getting the exercise your body needs.

Because everyone is different (just like researcher Octavia Zahrt who worked on this Stanford Study said) MAX Workouts are completely adaptable.

If you’re not already active in the MAX Workouts community, get active today!  Follow your workouts, make them your own—but whatever you do, STOP worrying about getting enough.  If you’re following MAX Workouts you have exactly what your body needs.


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