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Shin & Susan’s Hawaii Bodyweight Workout

If you’ve ever said (or heard someone else say) that bodyweight workouts “aren’t tough enough”, well…this workout will surely change your mind 😉

Also, if you watch the video and you can’t do all of the exercises exactly the way Susan and I are doing them, don’t worry!  Just do what YOU can do.  This workout is totally modifiable to whatever fitness level you’re at. Listen to your body and modify however you need to.  Trust me, it’s going to kick your booty no matter what!

In my Max Workouts 90-day program, I include ALL of the substitution exercise for you — for every single workout.  So, you’ll never have to worry if you can’t do something or be confused about what exercise you should do instead.  I’ve got all of that worked out for ya already.  To get started, click on the “Men’s” or “Women’s” button below…


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