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How this 5 Minute Lunge Exercise Melts Ab Flab for 48 Hours

Lunges aren’t the first exercise you think of when it comes to melting off the layer of stubborn fat covering your core. But, add some intensity to your lunges…and you can trigger afterburn that melts away extra calories and fat for up to 48 hours after your workout is over. Try this out…

Short bursts of high energy activity produce an energy deficit known as the EPOC effect.

It’s by the far the most effective way to wake up your dormant metabolism and shift it into high gear to start burning more calories. Why bother doing long mind numbing workouts, when you can get better results by doing less?

Use the lunge exercise I’ll show you below to get your heart rate up fast and ignite hours of afterburn so you can melt away fat long after your workout is over.

This is a “Reverse Lunge to Single Arm & Leg Press-Up:”

This exercise is similar to the “Reverse Lunge Curl to Single Leg Press Ups” but the focus is on tempo and power. It combines a reverse lunge with one arm press ups using your legs and hips to drive the dumbbell up overhead.

The idea is to repeat the exercises quickly to get your heart rate up. This short bust of high-intensity work can help trigger EPOC and melt calories long after your workout is over.

(If you’re not sure what EPOC is, watch this quick video).

This exercise is can be used alone or combined with a pulling and/or pushing exercise like pull ups or pushups to create a simple but effective workout.

Want to get a great workout out of just this exercise?

Try doing 10 reps per arm/leg for 6 sets (switching arms/legs each set) with little to no rest between sets.  Give it a try!

One warning though: This exercise is deceptively simple but a real burner!

Shorter, more effective workouts like this one can melt away more fat than long, boring workouts…

But the real key to consistent, long-term results is proper planning.

So, if you’re ready to start using shorter, more effective workouts like this one to take off belly fat and add muscle tone, you can go here to get my 90 day workout program.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked out for a while or even if you’re a fitness pro, when you start my 90 day program, you’ll begin at the level you choose.

I’ll tell you how to determine which level you’re at and get you started with the workouts right away.


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