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This One Exercise Makes Up for ALL the Time You Spend Sitting

Kettlebell swings have been called “the only exercise you ever need.” Now, that’s not 100% true…I wouldn’t suggest only doing kettlebell swings every day for your workout. But they are super effective for total body strengthening and fixing a #1 posture problem that leads to chronic pain. Trouble is, you might not have a kettlebell…or you might have too much lower back pain for kettlebell swings. Here’s an exercise you can do instead….

If you’re reading this, there’s a good a good chance you’re suffering from a posture problem called “anterior dominance.”

It’s caused by sitting, slumping over, and spending too much time leaning over stuff that’s in front of us…like a computer keyboard, a desk, a phone, the steering wheel in your car and more.

Anterior dominance is the overuse of muscles on the front side of your body.

You drive to work hunched over the steering wheel, you work all day in a cubicle hunched over, then you go home and sit on the couch to “rest” but you make it worse.

The results of anterior dominance?

Muscle imbalance.

Movement problems.

And pain.

Even breathing irregularities because the terrible posture you’re trapped into can compress your diaphragm and lungs so you end up only taking short breaths.

Just based on the world we live in…about 9 out of 10 people you meet suffer from anterior dominance.

Kettlebell swings are one of the best exercises for correcting this common posture problem…

…but not everyone has a kettlebell…

…and traditional kettlebell swings can be too hard on your low back!

If you do have back problems, you can get caught in a cycle of poor posture and pain…kettlebell swings hurt, so you avoid them, but you end up never correcting the anterior dominance that may have caused your back pain to begin with!

Here’s an exercise that works like kettlebell swings, but is easier on your lower back…

I call it the “Double Dumbbell Swing.”

Watch the video below to see how it’s performed…

If you find the traditional kettlebell swings to be too strenuous on your low back, this exercise reduces the load by slightly changing the pivoting region.

It’s still focused on the hip…because that is where you want to drive the power from.

Makes sure to squeeze your glutes as you drive the dumbbells up past the hip.

This is also a great exercise to try if you don’t have a kettlebell and you want to improve your posture while experiencing the core, leg, and hip strengthening benefits of kettlebell swings.

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