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This One Movement Workout Strengthens Legs, Arms, & Hips While Improving Balance

Follow-along below to get a full workout out of a single movement combination. Combination moves are perfect if you’re in a hurry because they don’t require a ton of equipment and in just a few minutes, you can strengthen and tone your entire body.

This movement works your legs, arms and hips while improving balance and activating your core. It’s a great way to strength your hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, arms, and core all at the same time.

Where this movement really shines is its ability to strengthen and protect your hips.

Everyone thinks about toning up their arms, legs or abs…but your hips have some of the most important muscles and ligaments in your entire body.

Just think about it!

The primary function of your hips is to hold up your body’s weight. Not just while you stand, run or walk either. Your hips are doing the hard work of holding up your body even while you’re sitting down. If you ignore your hips now…you’ll be in trouble later!

The reverse lunge this exercise combo uses also helps improve proprioception (balance).
Here’s the movement:

Check out the 4 different exercises in this one movement:

Reverse Lunge
Bicep Curls
Press Ups
Single Leg Hip Flexion

Try them all at once as part of this powerful combo exercise.

Workout suggestion:

Perform 2 – 4 sets of 10 reps.
Switch legs each set.

Focus on maintaining your balance as you push the dumbbells overhead and use a powerful effort during the dumbbell push.

Don’t have dumbbells? Use plastic water bottles, canned food, even a milk jug!

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