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The Most Effective Core Exercise

Your abs are made of 6 abdominal muscles and doing traditional "ab" exercises only works one or two of them at a time. Which is why you see people doing a myriad of "ab" exercises to try and "hit" all the ab muscles.

Unfortunately, it’s really just a waste of time.  Whether you’re trying to get six pack abs, burn belly fat or build a stronger core, doing direct ab work is not the way to do it.

If you want lean, ripped and strong abs, you need the right combination of exercise and diet.  And one of the most effective core strengthening exercise you can do, is the “Turkish Get Up”...TGU for short.

Don’t ask me why it’s called TGU, but I’ll show you how to perform this exercise properly, so you can start strengthening your core today and stop wasting time doing ineffective ab exercises.

Try doing 20 reps (total), 10 on each side.  You can switch arms each rep so your shoulders don’t get tired. Don’t be surprised if this exercise wears you out!  It’s much more challenging than it looks.  BTW, make sure that you keep good form throughout the workout.  If you start to feel too tired and aren’t able to maintain good form… take a break.  You can break as often as you need… or simply lower the number of reps down to a manageable amount.

If you loved this exercise… you’ re going to love all of the functional ab/core strengthening exercise in MAX Workouts.  These effective core exercises will help shrink your waistline, and tighten and strengthen your midsection to give you a rock solid core!


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