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Is This The Best Fat Burning Exercise...Ever?

If there’s one question I get asked over and over, it’s this…

What is the ONE exercise that I would recommend, which has the potential of burning the most amount of fat in the shortest time possible… that doesn’t require a lot of time or special equipment?

That’s a pretty loaded question… don’t you think?  But since it’s a question that gets asked ( everyday) I thought I’d give it may best shot.

When it comes to fat burning, most people automatically think “cardio”.  And although cardio can be an effective fat burner, especially if you’re doing interval cardio at higher intensities, it lacks the lean muscle building component.  Remember, lean muscle is the best way to increase your metabolism and doing too much “cardio” is a sure fire way lose all of your vital calorie burning muscles.

So it got me thinking… what one exercise would stimulate enough muscles to help you build lean muscle throughout your entire body—and that can be performed at a heart pumping pace to maximize burning fat at the same time.

Hmm… well, truthfully, there is no one “end all and be all all” exercise, but if I had to pick one (...or create one for that matter), I’m going with this…

The Burpee to Push Up Row to Squat Clean and Press Up Combo (aka. Burpee Dumbbell Complex)

OK, I’ll admit it, this exercise is technically a combination of 3 exercises crammed into one (hence the name “combo”).  But it has all of the necessary ingredients to crank up your muscle building and fat burning potential…all in on exercise.  This is the kind of exercise you love to hate, simply because it’s friggin’ hard—especially if you do it correctly and use challenging weights.  But hey, if it does the job and produces the results… I’m all for it!

Watch this video to learn how to perform the exercise correctly.

Here’s how you do it:

Now that you’ve seen how to do it, there are a couple things to keep in mind when you’re doing this exercise:

As I mentioned in the video, start out with light dumbbells while learning the exercise and slowly increase the weight as you progress.  You can do this exercise alone or combine it with interval cardio—now you’ve got a recipe for a maximum muscle building and fat burning workout.

Here are 2 sample workouts you can try out that include the Burpee Dumbbell Complex.

Warning: Don’t be fooled by these deceptively simple workout routines.  Give them a try - you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Workout (A)

  • 10 Reps of Burpee Dumbbell Complex
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat this set 5 times   

Workout (B)

  • 6 Reps of Burpee Dumbbell Complex
  • Followed immediately by a 1:00 min cardio of choice (i.e.. jumping jacks)
  • Rest 1 minute
  • Repeat this set 5 times

BTW... if you liked this workout, you’re going to love my MAX Workouts program.  It’s packed with full body exercises (much like the one I just showed you) so you can maximize your ability to build lean muscle along with challenging (but fun) interval cardio workouts so you can BURN FAT as much as humanly possible!


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