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If You're Going to Do Ab Exercises, Do This Instead...

How to Make Ab-Focused Moves Worth Your Time, Effort, and Energy

One of the most common questions I get is “how often do you train your abs?” Let me share a surprising truth with you about ab-focused exercises…plus show you a workout I would do if I want to focus on my abs and core.

You might have heard…I’m not a huge fan of wasting time with core-focused exercises.

But, sometimes, you just want to feel the burn in your core…right?

A common question I get asked is how often I train my “abs”.  And this may come as a surprise but the truth is, I do little to no additional ab work.

As in NONE. At. All.

Just like you, I used MAX Workouts every day.

And because MAX Workouts stimulate your core and effectively burn belly fat at the same time. That really eliminates the need to do any separate ab exercises.

That said, if I was going to do any ab exercises, I would definitely combine with other exercises to make it worth my while.  So today I’m going to show you a simple and effective workout that includes an ab specific exercise combined with 2 other exercises:

This Bodyweight Combo Workout combines:

  • Leg Lifts for Lower Abs…
  • Pushups for Upper Body…
  • Mountain Climbers to Increase Intensity…

Keeping the intensity high with mountain climbers helps trigger metabolic resistance and melt away fat fast.

You can do this simple workout anywhere. No equipment needed.

Try doing 10 short reps of each exercise.

Keep performing each exercise one after the other without rest as many times as possible in 10 to 20 minutes.

It’s simple but challenging and you’ll definitely feel it in your abs! If that ab “burn” feeling is what you’re after…give this workout a try.

If you haven’t tried MAX Workouts yet and you’d like to see why exercising for less time with movements like this one can help you get better results than spending hours and hours at the gym, watch this video.


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